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New Construction Rebate

Does $9,900* motivate you?

Does a 66% rebate from the broker sound like real cash to you?

Well it is simple.... Here how it works and the math:

*Example: $500,000 (sales price)

All large builders have commissions built into their budgets to pay Realtors for bringing buyers. They plan for anywhere from 3 to 7% for commissions when budgeting a project; But even if you don’t use an agent. you still get no discount off the sales price. So, you might as well use a buyer's agent with years of experience and that will send you a check for 66% of the offered commission!

Sales Price Buyers Agent Commission Total Commission Your Rebate
$500,000 3% $15,000 $9,900
$500,000 4% $20,000 $13,200
$500,000 5% $25,000 $16,500
$500,000 6% $30,000 $19,800
$500,000 7% $35,000 $23,100
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