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New Construction Rebate - New York

1. PROTECT YOUR REBATE Let the builder's representative know that you have an agent (Renee Golda-Widman/ALTRU® Realty) and you want to register him as your agent WHEN YOU FIRST ENTER THE MODEL HOME. All you do is say, "I want to register my agent and her name is Renee Golda-Widman, ALTRU® Realty."

Renee has 13 years of real estate experience in new construction and has closed hundreds of homes.

2. FILL OUT A PURCHASE AGREEMENT with the builder's representative and email the agreement (BEFORE SIGNING) to rebate@altrurealty.com then call (888) 392-4806 and ask for Renee and we will review the agreement with you.

3. DOWNLOAD THE REBATE AGREEMENT now and send it to rebate@altrurealty.com before looking at homes.